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Dorman Ralph


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Dorman Ralph - complete (All Tracks) $20.00
Captain Gulliver's Spree 2.07 MB $1.99
Susan Strayed the Briny Beach 3.71 MB $1.99
The Honest Fisherman 2.42 MB $1.99
My God What a Crowd I Got 1.05 MB $1.99
Pretty Polly 5.20 MB $2.49
The Ice Cream Sale 3.45 MB $1.99
Painters Jig 1.22 MB $1.99
Charming Blue-Eyed Mary 6.33 MB $2.49
The Week All Around 2.52 MB $1.99
Fair Flowers of Holly-O 3.46 MB $1.99
Paddy the Bat Mind Where You're At 1.28 MB $1.99
The Girl in Charlottetown 3.18 MB $1.99
Franklin Bridge 3.25 MB $1.99
The Band of Mad Indians 3.20 MB $1.99
The Boys in the Bunkhouse 1.08 MB $1.99
Pat O'Brien 6.15 MB $2.49
Welcome Home My Sailor 5.18 MB $2.49
The Same Old Tale that the Crow Told Me 1.01 MB $1.99

Dorman Ralph


Dorman Ralph

Dorman Ralph

2000 ECMA
Stomping Tom Conner's
Award Winner

  1. Captain Gulliver's Spree
  2. Susan Strayed the Briny Beach
  3. The Honest Fisherman
  4. My God What a Crowd I Got!
  5. The Schooner Huberry
  6. Pretty Polly
  7. The Ice Cream Sale
  8. Painters Jig
  9. Charming Blue-Eyed Mary
10. The Week All Around
11. Fair Flowers of Holly-O
12. Paddy the Bat, Mind Where You're At
13. The Girl in Charlottetown
14. The Franklin Bridge
15. The Band of Mad Indians
16. The Boys in the Bunkhouse
17. Pat O'Brien
18. Welcome Home My Sailor
19. The Same Old Tale that the Crow Told Me

Technical Credits

Recorded by Peter Narvaez in St. John's, Newfoundland
on February 22, March 24, May 22 and 27,
June 2 and 5, 1986.

Front cover photo: Ken Roul
Back cover photo: Len Penton

Mixed and mastered by Don Walsh, Daydeen Studios, St. John's, Newfoundland, July, 1999.

Layout and design: Chris Dixon, Robert Buck

Thanks to Julia Bishop, Holly Everett, Melanie McCarthy, Neil Rosenburg, Ken Roul, Memorial University Folklore and Language Archive (Philip Hiscock, archivist) and Gayle Tapper.

Special thanks to Len Penton for his efforts in making sure that so many people got to see and hear Dorman in performance.

Produced by Peter Narvaez and Jim Payne for SingSong Inc.